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Deaf Community Foundation of BC

Funding guidelines:

What is Deaf Community Foundation of BC?

The Deaf Community Foundation of B.C. (DCF) is a private community foundation which became incorporated in 1999 to hold money for safekeeping and earning for the British Columbian Deaf Community. Located in Vancouver, the Foundation’s priorities are to support and encourage the development of projects that are of benefit to Deaf British Columbians (DCF sees Deaf people as Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf-Blind individuals who use sign language as their main method of communication and who identify themselves with the Deaf Community). Funded activities often provide a service straight to the community, or take a new approach to a community concern. The Foundation is directed by an elected Board of Deaf Community members.


  • To support well-being of the Deaf.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the social, cultural, and educational activities of the Deaf.
  • To preserve the Deaf Community and its heritage, culture, and language.
  • To improve living skills.


The Deaf Community Foundation believes:

  • That our role within the community is both an opportunity and a responsibility to provide good leadership;
  • That we are responsible to manage the grant fund in order to help Deaf British Columbians;
  • That we will talk with any person who has questions about the Foundation;
  • That we treat all Deaf Community members fairly and equally;
  • That we encourage the development of community volunteer opportunities;
  • In working partnerships that respect the honesty and independence of participants;
  • In educating and working to find strong solutions to community problems;
  • In supporting new ways to help the needy of our community.

Funding may be granted for:
  • Arts and Culture
  • Educational Workshops
  • Health and Welfare
  • Information Network
  • Literacy
  • Women's Issues
  • Youth Activities
  • Advocacy (support of community causes)

Funding will not be granted for:
  • 100% of a project's costs;
  • An organization's operational or core expenses;
  • Retroactive funding or any project's expenses incurred prior to the Foundation's decision date;
  • Debt, retirement, or reserves; mortgage payments;
  • Conferences, competitions, festivals, symposia, annual events, travel to/from or attendance at such events;
  • Fund-raising activities;
  • Office equipment and/or furniture (e.g. computers);
  • Activities of religious organizations;
  • Sabbatical leaves, student exchanges;
  • Medical facilities or equipments
  • Amateur sports;
  • Library acquisitions, book publication;
  • School construction (including post-secondary);
  • Support for dissertation research;
  • Computer labs;
  • Endowment grants;
  • Activities previously and presently supported through government funding.

Who can apply?

Associations with charitable registration numbers and other qualified donees under the Income Tax Act can apply for funding. Organizations who apply for funding must show money responsibility and good management of their organization. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the board members must be Deaf.

* DCF does NOT award money to individuals for personal use. *

  • Projects should help make the community stronger.
  • The organization should ensure that their project will use volunteers.
  • The project should show that there is significant support from other funding sources (including community and other agencies in the field).
  • Deaf Community members who will benefit from the project should be involved in the development, set-up, and evaluation of the project.
  • The organization should show respect for cultural differences.
  • Projects that will continue after the grant's end date should show plans for their longer-term funding.
  • Organizations must have at least 50% of their funding available when they apply to DCF.

If your organization meets the requirements to apply for funding complete the application form and send it to DCF in time to meet the application deadline.

If the application form is not received by this date or the application form is not complete, DCF will not accept your application. When your application is received it will be carefully evaluated by the Program Manager. The Program Manager will check with other funders and informed people in the field and may phone or meet with you to talk more about your project. When the Program Manager has completed the evaluation of your application and if it has met with all the requirements it will then be reviewed by the Board for a final decision. About twelve weeks after the deadline date you will receive written notice of the Board’s decision which will include the terms and conditions of any grant that has been awarded.

N.B. Submitted materials become the property of the Deaf Community Foundation. Final decisions on all grants rest with the Foundation and access to the Foundation’s decisions is restricted. Please remember to allow a minimum of 12 weeks.

The Deaf Community Foundation does not provide retroactive funding. All funded activities must begin after the decision date.

APPEAL PROCESS: Within three weeks from the date on the final written decision, an appeal can be filed to the Foundation.

QUESTIONS: If there are any questions about the application process, please contact local DCF of BC Director at Deaf Community Foundation of BC

Or write to the following address:

Deaf Community Foundation of BC
2134 West 32nd Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6L 2A9