David Daniel Campbell

Belleville, Ontario • Text: (613) 661-7530 - Voice: (613) 518-0173 • contact@ddc1975.ca

Over 10 Years as a Freelance Web and Graphic Designer, Web Developer and also a WordPress Expert and I enjoy working on many projects that involve a mix of web and graphic design, web development, database management, and programming. My goals are to create and designs different websites and graphics for clients and have a firm understanding of programming and graphic design as well.


Freelance Web Developer / Designer

www.DDC1975.ca - ( Currently working on WDIHC 2021 and ASL Community Centre Websites. )
  • Designed and deployed websites for various companies and orgranizations.
  • Presented Design Review Process (DRP) with concepts to clients.
  • Met and corresponded with clients by in person, e-mail / phone (SMS) correspondence and VideoPhone/Webcam Meetings to determine client’s needs for their Website.
  • Responsible for all aspects of project development from project scoping and estimating to storyboarding and finally deployment.
  • Perform the validation and testing of completed websites.
  • Updated and maintained clients’ websites on an ongoing basis.
  • Designed new web interfaces, layouts, navigations, logos, animations, buttons and icons.
  • Implemented brand style guides to assure a consistent look and feel throughout divisional websites.
  • Able to conceptualize freely and help clients develop exciting, consistent new ideas.
2006 - Present

Website Developer/ IT

SkyCap Financial / ADECCO
  • Graphic, website, & user interface design and Wordpress. User experience design & informative architecture. Web application development using server-side & client-side. PHP & MySQL Database administration, and CRM.
  • Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers. Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks (XAMPP and Intranet), Responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests. Providing technical support across the company in person and email and using web-based ticketing application.
2017 - 2018

Web Designer and Developer

Volunteer / Student
  • Enrolled for Certification in Web Technologies Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology and created many different kinds of designs, applications and websites for assignments and others.

Junior Programmer and Web Designer

  • Developed applications with Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Visual Basics, assisted in the development of the softwares using these programs above. Created company and other several websites for clients with earlier versions of Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia (Now Adobe) Dreamweaver.
1996 - 2000



Full Certification in Web Technologies - 2013

Advanced Web Design and Development in HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, ASP, XML, PHP & MySQL and jQuery for Mobile.

Associate Certification in Web Technologies with Honours - 2006

Focuses both on design and technology, thereby helping the designer to create an ‘aesthetic experience’ for the web user - Publishing on the Internet, Intermediate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Photoshop, Audio & Video Technologies, Scripting Languages, Web Design Business and Major Project.


Computing Concepts
Network and Network Management


Dogwood Diploma
British Columbia Certification of Graduation


Programming Languages & Tools
  •   Web Technologies: HTML / CSS / Javascript
  •   Web Programming Languages: XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, SQL and PHP
  •   Databases: MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others
  •   Web Debug Tools: Firefox Developer and Chrome Developer Tools
  •   Graphic Design Software: Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, Inkscape and few others

  •   Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  •   Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  •   A Clear & Organized Development Process
  •   Knowledge of Modern Technique
  •   Creativity and "Clean" Designs


Apart from being a web and graphic designer and web developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors and being with my friends & family. In the winter, I am an avid snowboarder and love all winter activities. During the warmer months here in Ontario, I enjoy campings, swimming, and hiking.

When forced indoors, I enjoy watching movies, writing screenplays and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the front-end web development world and others.